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Images from the Sixteenth Ohio Volunteers...
The Last Resting Places of Our Gallant Heroes
Pvt. Andrew Jackson Louther/Lowther Pvt. Abraham Gibson
Pvt. Andrew Jackson Louther/Lowther, Company G (90-day)
Born June 10, 1837, Millersburg, Ohio
Killed in action July 11, 1861, near St. George, (West) Virginia

Buried at Grafton National Cemetery, Grafton, West Virginia
* First man killed in the 16th Ohio - Only man killed in action in the 90-day 16th Ohio

courtesy of and with permission from "JC",
Pvt. Abraham Gibson, Company I (90-day)
Private, Company E, 3rd Ohio Cavalry

Born December 16, 1861, Ohio - Died September 5, 1919, Beaman, Missouri
Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, West Liberty, Iowa
pending permission from Ken Wright,
Sgt. Boyd Craig Gilson Lt. Martin H. Norton
Pvt. Boyd Craig Gilson, Company C (90-day)
Sergeant, Company H (3-year)

Born October 30, 1839, Manchester, Pennsylvania
Died August 20, 1917, Louisville, Kentucky

Buried at Cave HIll Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky
courtesy of and with permission from Mark Hall,
2nd. Lt. Martin Hugh Norton, Company C
Born March 15, 1843, Wayne County Ohio
Died Aug. 17, 1863, on hospital boat Nashville, at Vicksburg, Mississippi
Buried at Reedsburg Cemetery, Plain, Ohio
* Some military records indicate burial at Vicksburg National Cemetery

photo courtesy of Scott Busenbark, descendant
Cpl. Jesse Edward Goodyear Pvt. Thomas Gould
Pvt. Jesse Edward Goodyear, Company C (90-day)
Private, Corporal, Company K

Born February 20, 1843, Wooster, Ohio - Died June 20, 1933, Canton, Ohio
Buried at West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio
courtesy of and with permission from Henry Cemetery Assoc. Interments,
Pvt. Thomas Gould, Company K (90-day)
Private, Company F, 62nd OVI

Born abt. 1837 - Died June 28, 1909, Dresden, Ohio
Buried at Dresden Cemetery, Dresden, Ohio
Note: Research implies this headstone is that of Thomas Gould, despite the inscription of "M. M." Only three Gould's served in the 16th Ohio: William is also buried in Dresden Cemetery and his grave is clearly marked; Silas is buried in a different cemetery, leaving only Thomas unaccounted for, therefore, it can be assumed this is his grave. The reason for the different first name initial is undetermined, however, it was not uncommon for men to use different names when signing up in the military during the Civil War.

Courtesy of and with permission from Debe Clark,
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