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Images from the Sixteenth Ohio Volunteers...
The Last Resting Places of Our Gallant Heroes
Capt. Joseph Edgar Pvt. Jacob Hostetter
Capt. Joseph Edgar, Company B
Killed at Battle of Tazewell, Tennessee, August 6, 1862
Buried at Clark Cemetery near Coshocton, Ohio
Knoxville National Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee

photo courtesy William Edgar, descendant
Pvt. Jacob Hostetter, Company B
Born February 23, 1837, Coshocton, Ohio - Died July 6, 1891, Hershey, Nebraska
Buried near Sutherland, Nebraska

photo courtesy anonymous donor
Maj. Milton Mills

The muffled drum's sad roll has beat
The soldier's last tattoo,
No more on life's parade shall meet
That brave and fallen few.
On fame's eternal camping ground,
Their silent tents are spread,
And glory guards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead.

Yon marble minstrel's voiceless stone
In deathless song shall tell,
When many a vanished year hath flown
The story how ye fell;
Nor wreck, nor change, nor winter's blight,
Nor time's remorseless doom,
Can dim one ray of holy light
That gilds your glorious tomb.

Capt. Milton Mills, Company K (90-day)
Captain, Company D
Major, Field & Staff

Resigned due to ill health, February 12, 1864
Born September 27, 1831 - Died on April 21, 1889, Zanesville, Ohio
buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Zanesville, Ohio

photo courtesy H. Arlan Heiser
Pvt. Cyrus B. Anderson Pvt. William McCormick
Pvt. Cyrus B. Anderson, Company I
Private in Company C, 39th OVI

Born April 29, 1837, Blachleyville, Ohio - Died February 22, 1923, Granby, Missouri
buried at Diamond Cemetery, Diamond, Missouri
* friend of Pvt. William McCormick (right) whose wife he informed of his death

courtesy of and with permission from Betty Saltenberger,
Pvt. William McCormick, Company G
Born June 26, 1834, New Philadelphia, Ohio
Killed in action, Vicksburg, Mississippi, June 1, 1863
Buried at Vicksburg National Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi
* friend of Pvt. Cyrus Anderson (left)

photo courtesy of Will Wilson, Park Ranger/Historian, Vicksburg National Military Park
Surgeon Basil Brown Brashear Catherine Whitacre Brashear
Surgeon Basil Brown Brashear, Field & Staff, 19th OVI (90-day)
Surgeon, Field & Staff, 16th OVI
Surgeon-General, 13th Army Corps
Medical Director, Department of the Gulf

Mustered out with Regiment, October 31, 1864
Born 1822, Bransville, Pennsylvania - Died October 2, 1903, Upper Marlboro, MD
buried at Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio

pending permission from Ted Callas,
Nurse/Matron Catherine Whitacre Brashear
Born October 16, 1828, New Philadephia, Ohio - Died May 29, 1883, Akron, Ohio
buried Glendale Cemetery, Akron, Ohio
Note: Beloved nurse and matron of the 16th OVI, serving in the field with the regiment and her husband, Basil Brashear (left), for the entire war.

pending permission from "Zella",
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