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Diary of Cushman Cunningham
Captain, Company F
Web Author's Notes: The 16th OVI website was fortunate in receiving two sample images of a diary kept by Capt. Cushman Cunningham, Co. F . We are hoping to receive additional access to the diary but are very grateful to the contributor, Oscar Thomas, for sharing the images below, giving us another glimpse into the people and times of the Civil War.
Capt. Cushman Cunningham
Cunningham Diary page 1


printed personal stamp: C. CUNNINGHAM CAPT. CO. F 16TH REG. O.V.U.S.A

C. Cunningham
16th Regt.
Steamboat Key West
Nov. 19th, 1862

C. Cunningham
Fort Klamath Oregon

Cunningham Diary page 2

This is a transcription of the list of soldiers' names written by Cunningham on the page above. This is a partial list of men in his Company F. Perhaps the remaining names appear on another page or he never finished the list. The soldier's full name has been added by the web author in the right most column.

Capt.C. CunninghamWooster, O.(Cushman Cunningham)
Lieut.H. S. WoodUnion Co. O.(Harvey S. Wood)
Sergt.H. A. JacoSpringfield, O.(Henry A. Jaco)
"L. MosesUnion Co. (Lorenzo Moses)
Corpl.R. LarimoreSpringfield, O.(Richard W. Larimore)
"Jno. PhilipsUnion Co. "(John A. Phillips)
PrivateA. E. RobisonWooster, O. Died March 1863 at Jackson(Alva E. Robinson)
"Jackson McKaneWayne Co.Died Feb. 13, 1863 in Jackson, Miss.(Jackson McKain)
"Geo. LudlowSpringfield, O.(George Ludlow)
"Ol. SellersWooster(Oliver P. Sellers)
"Sol. WarnerWayne Co(Solomon Warner)
"Jno. MarksHolmes Co., O.(John Marks)
"H. C. FortneyWayne Co., O.(Hiram C. Fortney)
"Henry Musselman" "(Henry Musselman)
"Jno. LenocherHomes Co., O.(John Lenocher)
"Amos GallantUnion Co.(Amos A. Gallant)
"Reuben OchlerWooster, O.(Reuben Ochler)
"Jacob FeightnerWayne Co. O.(Jacob Feightner)
"S. V. MosesUnion Co. O.(Samuel V. Moses)
"John H. FrameWooster, (John H. Fraim)
"Dan Mathersshot in faceUnion Co. O(Daniel D. Mather)
"Jno. Goonfinger shot offWayne " "Died Feb. 20, 1863 at Jackson(John Goon)
"D. M. Wynegar" " " Union Co. O. Died Feb. 15 at Vicksburg(David M. Wynegar)
"Isaac Krieble shot in thigh Wayne Co. O. (Isaac H. Kreible)
"C. McIntire in left breast Union Co. O.(Cornelius McIntyre)
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