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Personal Papers of Milton Mills
Letter from Philip Kershner to Catherine Mills
June 30, 1889
Web Author's Notes:

This letter was written by former Lt. Col. Philip Kershner to Maj. Milton Mills' wife, Catherine, upon learning of the death of her husband. Mrs. Mills was applying for a government pension and the process brought correspondence to Kershner at his residence in Detroit, Michigan, informing him of the death of his friend and comrade.

This document was among the papers of Maj. Milton Mills and was handed down through his family.

Kershner Letter to Catherine Mills
Lt. Col. Philip Kershner

Lt. Col. Philip Kershner

Catherine Spalding Mills

Mrs. Catherine Spalding Mills

Maj. Milton Mills

Maj. Milton Mills

Kershner Letter to Catherine Mills
Kershner Letter Envelope

Detroit June 30th 1889

Mrs Milton Mills

Zanesville Ohio

Dear madam

I have received from your

pension attorneys a letter in refference to your application for a pension. This is the first indication I have received of my dear old comrades death. I regret that I was not notified of his death as nothing would have prevented my attending his burial. Major Mills was as gallant brave and true a soldier as ever trod a battlefield. I always called him the (????) of the 16th Regt. the bravest of the brave being his superior officer I have had frequent occasion to test his ability and never found him wanting in all the essential qualifications of a soldier. He was subordinate in the very highest sense of the term. An order placed in his hands for execution was sure to be well done if in human power to do it. I felt that in the death of Major Mills I have lost more than a brother. I had hoped to meet him at our next reunion to be held at Zanesville but providence has decreed otherwise.

Whatever aid I can render you in the prosecution of your Pension claim will be cheerfully given.

Will you be so kind as to give me an account of the Majors illness and death and how many of a family he left. Anything relating to him will surely interest me.

Very truly your friend

Philip Kershner

955 Trumbull ave

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