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Images of Tazewell, Tennessee
Web Author's Notes:
This is a photo found in the transcripts of the 27th Reunion of the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry held on August 6, 1902, on the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Tazewell. The photo was taken by Theodore Wolbach, a Corporal in Company E at the time of the battle, who became a well-known photographer after the war and was very involved in the 16th Ohio reunions. The photo was actually taken in September, 1891, when the 16th Ohio held its 16th reunion at Cumberland Gap. It is likely some of the soldiers travelled the 15 miles south from The Gap to Tazewell to visit the battlefield site and this is when Wolbach took the photo.

The amazing aspect is that, assuming 29 years after the battle The soldiers remembered the correct spot, the little white X on the photo shows the exact spot where Capt. Joseph Edgar, Company B, was shot through the head or neck and died during the battle.

The photo caption from transcript of 16th Reunion of 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Akron, Ohio, August 6, 1902:
Scene of Tazewell battlefield -- looking south across main road on top of hill south of town, down the lane to woods held by Companies B and E and one gun of Foster's Battery. X in road marks spot where Captain Edgar was shot dead. The smaller tree to right is on ground occupied by a Confederate regiment when the two companies undertook to break through the enemy's lines surrounding them, where Sergeant-Major Charles B. Smith received a half score of bullets in his face and Corporal Whinnery was shot through the side. This view of the field was taken by Comrade T. D. Wolbach in 1891.

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