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Images of Philippi, (West) Virginia
Modern day map overlaid with troop movements at The Battle of Philippi
Web Author's Notes:
The map, below, shows the troop movements of the Battle of Philippi, (West) Virginia. Research suggests the lower column of Col. Benjamin Kelley's command, which included the 16th Ohio, was the original plan of action but was not actually taken. Kelley was expected to follow this route, arriving on the southern end of town, and trapping the Confederates between them and Col. Ebenezer Dumont, commanding the western prong of the attack, and who was stationed on the hill just west of and overlooking the town. However, Col. Kelley lead his command down the wrong road and entered the town from the north. This allowed the Confederate commander, Col. George Porterfield to hastily organize and evacuate his troops to the south with the loss of only a handful of men and some supplies.
Use of map image pending permission from Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., Columbus, Ohio
Map of Battle of Philippi
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