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Battle of Chickasaw Bayou
December 27 - 29, 1862
Excerpt from Eight Reunion Transcript
August 1, 1883, Wooster, Ohio
Web Author's Notes:
The following is an excerpt taken from the transcript of the eight reunion of the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The author describes a picture (or painting) drawn by Lt. William H. Woodland, a 1st Sergeant in Company "I" during the battle, that seems to have accurately depicted the battle scene where so many soldiers died.

If this painting still exists somewhere, an image of it would be invaluable to this website.


... One picture represents Chickasaw Bluffs, where the 16th regiment severely felt the results of war, and is one of great interest to everybody. The spot where G. U. Harn, Captain of Co. I, was killed, is pointed out; and the story of how nobly Col. DeCourcey let his Brigade, which included the 16th Regiment in the lead, over the Bayou across the 100 yards space between the bayou and the first line of rifle-pits of the rebels, under a heavy entilading fire; the position of the 16th Regiment was severely shelled and where they lost 340 men and 11 officers. The picture shows General Blair's Brigade in the swamp between two arms of the bayou, and cut off from rendering any assistance to Col. DeCourcey; also the Brigades of Col. DeCourcey, Col. Sheldon and Col. Lindsey; all the Union batteries, rebel field and masked batteries, the different roads leading to the Bluffs, and particularly the road along which were marched the 16th and other regiments as Prisoners. Visitors to the Hall were very much interested in hearing the "boys" relate their experience at this place. The picture is the work of Lieut. W. H. Woodland, of Co. I, 16th O.V.I., painted in oil from a pencil sketch taken just before the fight in December, 1862. All who were there recognize every detail as given and live over again in memory the terrible struggle and slaughter of Chickasaw Bluffs on Dec. 29, 1862. ...

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